1. Appreciation Letter from MHRD

  2. Prof. Mehta receiving EMPI The Indian Express India Innovation Awards.

  3. National Award for e-Governance, 2009-10

  4. Silver Award

  5. e-Governance Trophy

  6. 6th e-India 2010 Awards

  7. e-India 2010 Trophy

  8. Jury Award India 2010

  9. The Manthan Award, South Asia 2010, Certificate of Recognation

  10. Appreciation from Shri Kapil Sibal

  11. Appreciatio from Mrs. Anshu Vaish

  12. School Report Card Under DISE, News Headlines

  13. Manthan Award Trophy

  14. Prof. Mehta and his team receiving e-Governance Award.

  15. Prof. Mehta receiving e-India Award.

  16. Prof. Mehta and his team receiving Manthan Award.

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